From Daughter to Best Friend

October 28, 2020

By Jennifer Ludwick 

It seems like just yesterday that I held Emily – my oldest – in my arms for the first time!

Today, I reflect on how amazing it has been to watch Emily bloom into the Godly women that she is today!   

We have always been close.  Growing up she knew EXACTLY when to come and give me a hug, tell me that she loved me, just sit beside me… I could go on and on. 

Through the worst years of my life, she was there for me.  She didn’t know the pain and abuse that I was walking through but at the exact time that I felt like giving up, she would come and tell me that she loved me.  God was definitely using her to keep me going.  

She is at school now (Liberty University), and though I miss her like crazy, I know that she is where God wants her to be.  She came into town the other day and we were able to just talk and hang out some.  First of all, I love that she WANTS to hang out with me.  We were also able to talk about life, our relationship, our relationships with others etc.  She is ready to step into the next phase of her adult life.  We both agree that this is what God has had me raise her to be.  To move forward and thrive as an adult.  

We laugh together, cry together.  We talk daily, sometimes it’s for 5 min as she is walking from one place to another, but I treasure every single moment.  

We went and voted together this year.  This was her first year to vote!  What a privilege!  Not only is she voting age but she is a female!  I want her to be a STRONG and INDEPENDENT woman!  I pray that the man that she marries will always respect her and love her that way! She makes my heart so happy.  

She started out as this tiny precious baby that depended 100% on me… to now.. This BEAUTIFUL woman from the inside out that is now one of my best friends!  I hope that remains forever!  

I love you Emily Joy and I thank God for you every day!


  1. Kristin

    I’m not surprised Emily turned out to be a beautiful, intelligent, bold, and courageous young woman; God gave her such a wonderful example for a mother!

    1. Jennifer Ludwick

      Thank you so much for your sweet words! I am blessed that God gave me the opportunity to be her mom.

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