Want to know a secret….

Want to know my little secret about weight loss…

YOU don’t have to be perfect. 🤯

I know, I know. Crazy. But here’s the real deal – your journey doesn’t require anything except consistency and patience. 

I meet the “I’m going to start on Monday-er’s” every week. These women are full of grit and determination to go all in. And they do. For at least a week. 😉 

The problem is they’re literally trying to alter EVERYTHING at the same time and in case you haven’t realized it by now, most people can’t alter everything at one time and be successful long term. 

Listen, I know you want results; however, what good are results when they’re always short-lived? 🤔 The goal isn’t found in perfection. It isn’t found in going all-in and making the rest of your life miserable. The goal is to make small changes over time that are sustainable. The goal is to learn the art of consistency and patience. The goal is to never have to start over again on Monday