If you want to lean out..

So you’re dieting because you want to become lean?

Newsflash, girl 💥- achieving a lean appearance requires building muscle and building muscle requires nutrients. Nutrients come from food. If you want to become lean, you gotta do two things:

✅ Eat enough. Your body needs plenty of protein to build muscle, but it’s important to also consume plenty of complex carbs because carbohydrates are your brain’s and liver’s preferred energy source.

✅ Strength train and practice progressive overload. Cardio in moderate amounts is okay; however, cardio doesn’t build lean muscle.

When you restrict your calories too much and for too long, your body will stop burning fat and begin metabolizing lean tissue and muscle mass instead. If your body begins burning through your muscle mass, you won’t ever achieve the lean appearance you desire.

My clients are burning fat, gaining muscle, and getting leaner every day, and guess what? They’re eating MORE! Give me six weeks to teach and coach you. I’m certain my strategies will change your life. 💯

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