Don’t let the negative opinions of others stop you for walking your purpose….

It’s so easy for people to say: You aren’t skinny enough, smart enough, capable enough, that you are a hypocrite, wasting your time.. etc.  

Reality is that they are the ones that are struggling with themselves.  (We need to pray for them)

There is NO ONE size fits all for anything! We are each created UNIQUE! 

You have to be STRONG and secure with yourself as you step into what God has called you to do! 

I know God has called me to coach and helping other women.  I also know that I am not for everyone and that’s OK.  God will bring the people in my life that he KNOWS that I need and I will be who they need. 

My journey has not been a quick and easy fix.  I’ve been smaller.. I’ve been heavier but what HASN’T changed is my commitment to MYSELF.  

I want to help YOU gain this confidence in YOURSELF!  You can be HEALTHY, be STRONG and FEEL great! You are NOT the number on the SCALE!  I want to come along beside you and teach you how to make a healthy LIFESTYLE!  

If you are looking to be in fitness competitions .. I’m not your gal. 

If you want to OVERtrain and UNDER eat… I’m not your gal. 

If you struggling to feel good and not knowing where to start.. I can help. 

If you are going through menopause and nothing seems to be working… I can help 

If have every thought of trying macros but have no idea what it means, where to start or how many macros to even eat.. I can help! 

If you just want to FEEL great and CONFIDENT in WHO you are and not be phased by what others say, what the scale says or even if your clothes are loose one day and tight the next… I can help! 

I will be launching my COACHING program soon.  I had a minor setback with my recent surgery but you know what – I didn’t let is STOP me.. just adjusted my time frame and kept plugging along.  

I want to help you .. RIGHT where you are! Message me today for more details if you want in as soon as it opens! 

I can’t wait to see what God has in store for you! 

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